Meyer 'grand-bi' c. 1880

Sometimes, bicycles are art. That's what I feel when I look at the pictures of this magnificent Meyer. All lines are balanced. I guess only the French could make bicycles like this, it's like the Citroen DS: with the difference that it was designed 80 years earlier.

Not much is known about dating Meyer bicycles. If you are interested, please read some thoughts about it here. I guess this example was designed around 1875, but when we look at the address of the firm it should have been sold in the 1880's. I guess they were very early in developing these bicycles, but then went on and on building it, without many changes. 
I anyone could tell me more about dating these Meyer bicycles? 

This bicycle is highly original, only pedals and the caps of the oilers are replicas.  Thanks Theo, for the pictures of your Meyer.